Blog Posts in 2015

  • Are Fall Leaves Killing Your Grass?

    || 11-Dec-2015

    Autumn isn’t called “fall” for no reason. As many people already know, this season’s nickname comes from the course nature takes. During this time of year, the leaves of trees that were once green begin to turn different shades of red, orange, yellow, or brown before they completely die and fall from trees. While many admire this time of year for the array of colors the ...
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  • With fall now upon us, you may be looking for new ways to get the green lawn you have always wanted. Fortunately, fall is the ideal season to care for your grass and is the most important time for weed control application. To help you obtain the beautiful front yard and back yard you have always wanted, our team at Perm-O-Green is offering an exceptional deal on fall pre- and post- emergent weed ...
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  • Pruning makes the difference between a tree or shrub that grows wild, and one that appears well-kept and thus, healthy. What exactly is pruning? This is the practice of improving the aesthetics, health, and appearance of a plant through trimming, maintaining, and altering the growth of a plant. Think about those wild gardens, unkempt, and growing wherever their leaves and branches may fall. While ...
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  • Perm-O-Green is committed to providing exceptional customer experiences, from the services we provide to swift and smooth transactions. This is why our Texas lawn care company has become PCI compliant and why we choose to offer a safe and secure online bill pay option for customers who want to handle their bills quickly and easily. PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is ...
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  • Perm-O-Green Named Texoma's Best Lawn Care Service

    || 13-Oct-2015

    Our entire team at Perm-O-Green is happy to announce that we have been named to the 2015 Texoma’s Best winners list! Specifically, Perm-O-Green was selected as Texoma’s Best Lawn Care Service, under the Best Company / Services category. The selection was based on over 182,000 votes from local residents across the metropolitan areas of Texas and Oklahoma, known as Texoma. Votes were ...
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  • Tips for Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Fall

    || 25-Aug-2015

    Sometimes, it can be hard to transition your lawn care habits from a summer to fall routine. Because the cooler temperatures and moister air make your lawn’s living conditions ideal, grass is more able to absorb energy, moisture, and nutrients that can help the lawn grow for the following spring. To have a luscious and healthy lawn for the spring, consider the tips we have listed below. 1. ...
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  • How to Get Rid of and Prevent Summer Annual Weeds

    || 23-Jul-2015

    When trying to grow a productive garden or a beautiful lawn, weeds can become your worst enemy. As a result, many lawn owners and garden connoisseurs wonder where in the world the weeds come from, what they do to surrounding grass and plants, how to prevent them from growing, and lastly, how to get rid of them once they have already started growing in your grass or garden. For this reason, we have ...
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  • Recent Rainy Weather Brings Fire Ants to North Texas

    || 23-Jun-2015

    Texas has been pummeled with rain over the last few weeks, bringing troops of fire ants closer to the surface and closer to homes. The excessive amount of flooding and higher water levels have unearthed fire ants from their homes. Usually secluded under the soil, they thrive near riverbeds, lakes, ponds, and other wet areas. Fire ants are known for their painful bites and venomous stings, which ...
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  • Get Your Lawn Ready for Memorial Day Weekend!

    || 12-May-2015

    Planning on having a cookout or a party for Memorial Day weekend? Naturally, all the hard work you have put into your lawn (and with our help, of course!) has given you a bright, vibrant beautiful lawn that you will want to show off to your friends. On a busy weekend get-together, you can expect a lot of foot traffic. Guests may be walking across the lawn to grab food, drinks, or run around ...
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  • Rain Finally Brings Relief to Drought-Ridden Texas

    || 5-May-2015

    An arid climate and a rapidly growing population has left the state in a drought crisis. Thanks to a series of thunderstorms and showers throughout the state, it brings a welcome sigh of relief to everyone. The state is now beginning to take a cue from California, a state that is similarly facing a severe drought crisis. In that state, government officials are calling for citizens to reduce their ...
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  • Six Types of Drought-Resistant, Low-Maintenance Grasses

    || 22-Apr-2015

    There is a common misconception among many homeowners about their lawns is that constant watering, especially as the spring and summer months start coming around. However, as the popular adage goes: “everything in moderation” and that most assuredly applies to your grass. What type of grass is right for my lawn? Many lawns across the country have Kentucky bluegrass, and is also one of ...
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