Five Reasons Why Your Trees Need Pruning

What Exactly Is Pruning?

At Perm-O-Green, we know pruning makes the difference between a tree or shrub that grows wild, and one that appears well-kept and thus, healthy. This is the practice of improving the aesthetics, health, and appearance of a plant through trimming, maintaining, and altering the growth of a plant.

Think about those wild gardens, unkempt, and growing wherever their leaves and branches may fall. While this type of garden may be someone’s cup of tea, this certainly does little to the health or appearance of your trees and shrubs.

Five Reasons Why Pruning Is Good and Necessary for Optimum Tree and Shrub Health

  1. Dead branches hinder the growth of healthy branches. Our professional team of lawn care experts has seen this time and time again. A tree whose branches are beginning to droop or is beginning to look sickly may stlill have its dead branches attached, which take up space and resources. Pruning these otherwise used to make the roots stronger and encourages newer branches to grow.
  2. Prevention and treatment of disease. Pruning can remove any portions that have a disease, fungi, and other types of decay, stopping it from spreading to healthier branches. Removing these branches can also expose the others to more sunlight and air circulation, which also helps to reduce the incidence of disease.
  3. Encourages fruit production. If you have fruit trees, removing the dead and rotted limbs encourages the fruit to grow more plentifully because it is less vulnerable to disease. Pruning also helps spurs to grow, which can promote the growth of fruit the following year.
  4. Dead branches and overgrowth pose a huge risk. These can fall off easily or blow away during a heavy storm or windy weather. Some branches can hang over your home or your backyard, where your children play, or grow over power lines can be some of the most dangerous.
  5. Allows you to better see your surroundings. This is especially beneficial if you live by a lake, the mountains, a gorgeous sunlit horizon—anywhere where there is a view! Pruning is also done for aesthetic appeal, and you can trim your trees into a shape that is pleasing to you, as well as one that compliments the environment.

Keep Your Home's Trees Healthy - Schedule Pruning Today

If you are a homeowner, Perm-O-Green understands your need to keep the overall aesthetic of your home looking top-notch, this includes weed control. Having an overgrown or poorly maintained lawn, or sparse, limp trees can really take away from your home’s appeal.

Not to mention, poorly maintained trees and shrubs are more susceptible to pests and insects. Regularly pruning actually aids in the growth of the trees, allowing them to grow more fully, with thick, bountiful branches.

Want Other Great Tips for Tree & Yard Care?

Feel free to contact our lawn care team at Perm-O-Green! We are eager to help you look after your lawn, trees, and shrubs in the best way possible, such as the application of winter dormant oil and pest control.

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