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Professional Texas Lawn Fertilization

Spring & Fall Lawn Maintenance from Perm-O-Green

Regular fertilization treatments are key to maintaining quality-looking grass all year long. The standard lawn care program we offer at Perm-O-Green includes ongoing fertilization of your lawn from season to season. Applications are typically made five to eight weeks apart, our team providing your fertilization services generally fertilize four to seven times a year depending on the city you are located in and your unique lawn situation.

The Texas lawn fertilization experts at Perm-O-Green have the specialized expertise required to provide you with customized lawn care. We will come up with a fertilization plan that is tailored specifically to your lawn, and will always notify you approximately one week before your next application is due. We will keep your lawn looking lush and green all year long!

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Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

Not only can routine lawn fertilization keep your grass looking lush and green throughout the year, but it can help protect your lawn from diseases. We recommend fertilizing your lawn at least once in the spring and once in the fall. Some lawns will require more regular fertilization services. Perm-O-Green can help you come up with a lawn fertilization plan that works the best for your needs.

What are some of the benefits of lawn fertilization?

  • Promotes thickening to help fight weeds: Most of today's fertilizers have some sort of weed prevention treatment to help your lawn. But even those don't do enough to give the healthy grass the tools it needs to grow in thick. Having thick grass won't allow weeds to grow.
  • Helps lawn resist disease: If you've ever lost a large portion of your grass all at once, it could be due to a disease that attacked the lawn at the very root of the grass. But, when the grass has the right nutrients to grow, it'll be much less prone to getting diseases.
  • Protection for the soil: Grass always pulls its nutrients from the soil in order to get healthy and strong. Having thick grass is the product of fertilization. If your soil is properly fertilized it won't get as depleted when a storm hits it.
  • Improve color and overall appearance: All homeowners know how frustrating it is when they see one section of grass getting lush, thick, green grass while the rest of your lawn is thin and sparse. Fertilization helps provide nutrients to the rest of the grass evenly and will help produce uniform growth.

Fertilization: Natural Weed Control

A key component of the yearly lawn services we offer to our customers is complete fertilization. By regularly fertilizing your lawn, you're doing more than just helping your grass grow; you're also encouraging natural weed control. As grass thickens, it will prevent weed seeds from accessing the soil and growing out of control.

Why Choose Perm-O-Green?

Our Texas lawn fertilization team only uses fertilization products that are safe for families and pets. We know that weed control can be very difficult, but, unlike national companies, the fertilization experts at Perm-O-Green truly focus on and specialize in lawn care. It's all we do! We have been around for over 45 years, and you can trust us to tailor our services to your needs because we are second to none in expertise regarding Texas turf. We proudly serve residents and businesses throughout Fort Worth, Tyler, Lubbock, Longview, Wichita Falls, and the surrounding areas!

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