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Think about summertime in Roanoke. You are with your family coming home from Hawaiian Falls or Evenings on Oak Street and ready to host a group of your childrens' friends for a cookout in the front lawn, yet your lawn is looking sub-par because you've been busy at work and you haven't had the time to properly maintain it.

Are you sick of your lawn looking dull, thin, patchy, and lifeless? Is keeping up with your yard maintenance a full-time job you just don’t have the time and energy to do? At Perm-O-Green, we can help! We offer world-class lawn care in Roanoke, TX, including critical services like seeding, fertilizing, aeration, and so much more. We’re proudly Texas-born and Texas-bred, meaning we know what it takes to make your grass thrive in our often-crazy climate. Whether it’s drought resistance, heat tolerance, or anything in between, you can count on us to make your yard the envy of your neighborhood.

For a greener lawn and better-looking looking landscape call the team at Perm-O-Green at (800) 903-1460 today and schedule your appointment!

Services We Offer

When you need help with your lawn, you want the highest levels of professionalism. At Perm-O-Green, we have seen just about everything and we know how to handle the challenges you face. We’ve revived lawns that have suffered from weed asphyxiation and diseases. We have fixed lawns that have been damaged by severe weather. We have even helped get rid of nasty pest infestations that eat away at your lawn’s roots and prevent it from growing how it should.

Our service offerings include all of the following:

We deliver more than 45 years of combined experience, and completely customize your lawn care plan to your needs. We know your lawn needs specific care, and we deliver a completely unique treatment plan that will have you enjoying a better-looking landscape within weeks of your first service.

Our Signature Six-Step Lawn Care Program

The secret to our success is our tested, refined, and proven six-step lawn care treatment plan that focuses on the challenges your lawn faces throughout the year.

Our program includes:

  • Round 1: Early Spring – An application of pre-emergent grassy weed control and post-emergent weed control that target weeds already present in the lawn from the previous winter.
  • Round 2: Spring – A follow-up application of pre-emergent weed control to continue eliminating grassy weeds. We also treat for any new weeds that may have sprung up.
  • Round 3: Early Summer – Introducing controlled-release fertilizer to help bolster growth while simultaneously treating broad-leaf weeds.
  • Round 4: Summer – We introduce controlled-release fertilizer to encourage and bolster natural growth during the warm season while also treating your grass for broadleaf weeds.
  • Round 5: Early Fall – We apply a balanced fertilizer and more weed control to stop grassy, quick-spreading weeds in their tracks at one of your lawn’s most vulnerable times of the year.
  • Round 6: Fall / Winter – The harshest season requires extra plant nutrients to keep your lawn happy and hearty. Looking ahead to spring, we’ll provide tough preventative weed control, while also treating any current weeds.

As always, our products are safe for use around children and pets!

Roanoke Tree Care & Shrub Care Services

You have to contend with stress, diseases, and insect damage every year when it comes to your trees and shrubs. Growing trees and burgeoning shrubs can be penetrated by these factors, preventing them from achieving their full potential. In addition, natural defects like scarring and breaks need to be taken into consideration. Avoid hiring an amateur who may not know how to cut or prune your tree properly. No matter what outside factors are at play, Perm-O-Green can keep your trees and shrubs looking great season after season.

By maintaining trees regularly, you can prevent:

  • Insect infestation
  • Common tree diseases/spread of tree disease
  • Irregular branch growth

As a company committed to your safety, Perm-O-Green uses only non-toxic products that will not harm anyone on your property. Many people are concerned about the use of chemicals when hiring a lawn care company, but our tree and shrub care options are designed to prune and trim branches without employing methods that could harm the overall health of your Roanoke, TX lawn.

Lawn Pest Control Services

You and your family can experience a lot of problems with lawn pests. Lawn pests, such as ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, bees, and many others, are handled by our Roanoke lawn care company. In addition to reducing the number of pests on your lawn, we seek to identify the source of the problem and eradicate it, so that your lawn is pest-free for months to come. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your lawn more comfortable, safer, and more beautiful.

Why Choose Perm-O-Green for Your Roanoke Lawn Care?

We always put your needs first in order to make sure our lawn care services are a genuine reflection of our commitment to our customers.

  • Customer Prioritization: Our customers always come first - always have for 45 years!
  • Comprehensive Care: You can trust us for all your lawn care essentials.
  • Attentive Communication: We are always available, but if we miss your call, we'll be in touch soon!
  • Safe for Your Family: All of our products are safe for children and pets.
  • Dedication to the Community: We have an unwavering commitment to helping others.

Get a quote for your lawn care service plan by contacting Perm-O-Green today!

what Sets us apart:

  • Always Available

    We offer free estimates, and you can always reach us.

  • Always Safe

    We use materials safe for children and pets. 

  • We Stand by Our Work

    We will always fix unsatisfactory work at no cost to you.

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  • It’s been my pleasure having you service us these many years.

    “It’s been my pleasure having you service us these many years.”

    - Akers
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    “To all of you: Have a wonderful Christmas and may God Bless all of you and your families! Thank you for your services!”

    - Carmen
  • I appreciate great customer service. That’s something that you don’t see much anymore.

    “ I appreciate great customer service. That’s something that you don’t see much anymore.”

    - Karen
  • Please pass on our thanks to your workers who service our lawn. They always do a good job!!

    “Please pass on our thanks to your workers who service our lawn. They always do a good job!!”

    - Charles
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    “I hope that Perm-O-Green appreciates Mr. Ruff Phelps as we do.”

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