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The health of your lawn greatly depends on how well it is maintained. Many people try to care for their lawns on their own, with little to no results. This is what happens when people try to work without the assistance of a professional who knows lawn care and can anticipate and diagnose problems. If you have been trying for years to have a perfectly green lawn and are not getting the results you want, turn to the seasoned lawn care professionals at Perm-O-Green! We are second to none when it comes to turf care in Longview or the surrounding areas.

Longview Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Within Texas and among individual lawns, there are vast differences that require specialized expertise. This is what Perm-O-Green offers. As a large company with community commitment, we're unlike a national pop-up shop or mass-market store. In addition to our lawn care expertise, we have over 45 years of experience, so you can count on us to always do the job correctly.

Our Longview tree and lawn care services include:

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The Importance of Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance

One of the most important keys to our success is first to build a trusting and strong relationship with our customers. Our 7-Step Program is a comprehensive lawn care solution that provides ongoing checkups and continued applications of weed control and fertilization. Our team of lawn care maintenance experts in Longview can help keep your lawn looking beautiful all year long.

Our 7-Step Lawn Care Program includes:

  • Round 1: Early Spring — The first visit includes an application of pre-emergent grassy weed control and post-emergent weed control that target weeds already present in the lawn.
  • Round 2: Spring — This visit includes a follow-up application of pre-emergent to continue grassy weed control. We also treat for any weeds that may have sprung up since the last round.
  • Round 3: Early Summer — We introduce controlled-release fertilizer to gradually encourage and bolster natural growth during the spring season, while also treating your grass for broad-leaf weeds
  • Round 4: Summer — Now it is time for a balanced fertilizer and more weed control to stop grassy, quick-spreading weeds in their tracks in preparation for the hottest months of the year.
  • Round 5: Continued feeding of the lawn to promote and extend full color and thickening of the turf. We check and treat for any broad-leaf or grassy weeds.
  • Round 6: Fall — Looking ahead to spring, we'll provide tough preventative weed control, while also treating any current weeds. As always, our products are safe for use around children and pets.
  • Round 7: Winter — The harshest season requires extra plant nutrients to keep your lawn happy and hearty.

What Are The Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn?

The benefits of fertilizing your lawn go far beyond simply making your grass lush and green. The growth of a green lawn requires a lot of energy, so fertilizer is essential for a healthy lawn. It promotes new leaf and root development, so the lawn remains strong. Most soils cannot supply all the nutrients needed by turf grass. Furthermore, Longview lawn fertilization will prevent weed growth, provide soil protection, and enhance your yard's color and appearance!

    We Only Use Products that Are Safe for You and Your Pets

    We are proud to say that all of our products are completely safe for you, your family members, and your pets. You will be amazed at how much they all enjoy running around on the lush grass. At Perm-O-Green, we understand that this thought is only one of many "lawn of your dream" scenarios, and we can help get you there.

    Pest Control & Tree Care in Longview

    Beyond our season-to-season 7-Step Program, we offer a wide range of other services for additional problems you may face. From pest control to tree and shrub care, we work to fix the source of the problem rather than using a quick-fix solution. Our services are tailored to your Texas lawn. We’ve been trusted, acknowledged experts in Texas turf for over 45 years and we understand the differences. National brands may not understand your specific needs based on your location, but we do. Our nuanced expertise can be used to fix the problem effectively and provide you with top-notch value in lawn care.

    Bug Barrier Services

    As you can see, Perm-O-Green offers a wide range of services outside of lawn care, including insect control, or more specifically, our bug barrier services. We apply a solution to repel bugs from entering around the foundation of the home as well as the small cracks that line windows and doors. We want you to be able to live in your home comfortably, without worrying about potential pests.

    Perm-O-Green offers a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Contact us online to request a free estimate or call (800) 903-1460 today for lawn care in Longview!

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