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Tree & Shrub Care in Texas

Maximize Tree Growth & Control Pests

Did you know that trees and shrubs exposed to stress are prone to disease and insect damage? Diseases and insects can easily penetrate the vital organs of a growing tree or shrub that has natural defects such as scarring and breaks, as well as those that are improperly cut or pruned. It's important to look into Texas Tree and Shrub Care because, these types of irreparable damages are direct effects of improper treatment and can lead to costly losses if you’re not careful.

Prevent Damage Before It Begins

At Perm-O-Green, the insect and disease control applications we use to kill destructive insects and diseases can aid in the healing of your trees and shrubs. Our tree and shrub care in TX are specifically tailored to your needs, using our expertise in the differences in Texas lawns to effectively fix the problem you are experiencing. Our routine tree and shrub care is designed to prevent insect and disease pests while maximizing the foliar development of your plants.

All of our applications are:

  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Properly timed for maximum protection against insects and diseases

About Our Yearly Tree & Shrub Services

If you’re ready to experience the convenience of not having to worry about your trees and shrubs, consider our yearly service package – there’s no contract!

  • Winter Dormant Oil: This application is made once during the late winter and early spring while the plant is still dormant. By coating the branches in oil at this time of the year, we can prevent and suffocate eggs that would otherwise damage trees and shrubs.
  • Deep-Root Fertilization: In our full program, customers get two deep-root fertilizations (one in the spring and one in the late fall). The first application is used during the early stages of the growing season when the plants can absorb the new root system and retain vital nutrients for growth. By applying deep-root fertilization in the fall too, we can help trees recover and promote new growth simultaneously.
  • Insect & Disease Control: In our full program, customers receive three applications of insect and disease control. This treatment is a fine mist that coats the infested tree or shrub from top to bottom. The goal is to attack the problem at its source and prevent future harmful diseases and / or damaging insects.

All the Services You Need From a Trusted Tree Maintenance Provider

Our tree and shrub care in TX is one of the few, if the not the only, Texas lawn care service to offer tree and shrub care. Don’t choose a national company that doesn’t understand your needs or a mom and pop shop that may not be here in a year. Choose local experts for all of your tree and shrub needs.

Diseases & Insects We Treat

  • Infectious / living agents, (i.e. fungi, bacteria, and viruses)
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Chewing insects
  • Sucking insects
  • Boring insects

Whether you are in Fort Worth, Tyler, Lubbock, Longview, Wichita Falls, or anywhere in Texas, do not hesitate to give us a call for your free estimate.

To contact our expert Texas lawn care professionals at Perm-O-Green, call us at (800) 903-1460 or use our online form.

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