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Bug Barrier Prevention Treatments

Ongoing Protection Actively Keeps Bugs Out!

Dealing with bugs in your home isn’t fun, and sometimes it can become frustrating and overwhelming. Things only get worse when bugs are able to build a nest somewhere in your home, resulting in more and more of these pests emerging and making life frustrating. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could build some sort of a barrier that helps keep bugs out and your home pest-free and peaceful? That’s exactly what our Bug Barrier system does at Perm-O-Green! This ongoing protection plan is designed to prevent bugs from getting into your home through your foundation—where the majority of spiders, beetles, ants, and other insects work their way inside.

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How Our Bug Barrier System Works

The Bug Barrier system is a specialized series of treatments that works to actively remove existing bug infestations and keep them from returning. The best way to fight back against bugs and keep them from spreading is preventing them from getting into your home in the first place, and the Bug Barrier system actively and continually does this. Our Bug Barrier is a series of ongoing treatments for the perimeter of your property, creating an active barrier around your foundation that bugs won’t cross. This keeps them outside where they belong and the inside of your home peaceful and bug-free.

Bug Barrier actively works to keep all of the following out of your home:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • Roaches
  • Centipedes
  • Silverfish

During your initial bug barrier treatment, our team does a thorough check of your home’s exterior, removing things like existing spider webs, cobwebs, and other nests that might be present. We then apply a chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of your home’s foundation, as well as around other common pest entry points like doors, windows, and other areas that bugs might use to get in and out of your home. The majority of non-flying bugs like ants and spiders typically enter through your foundation, including even the smallest cracks that you may not even know about. Our Bug Barrier system actively repels bugs and prevents them from attempting to enter.

Each treatment lasts for several months, and we can automatically increase treatment frequency during the most active periods of the year (spring, summer, and early fall) to ensure that your protection remains active and strong throughout the year. We even adjust our treatments during different seasons in order to specifically target and repel different pests that become more active at different periods throughout the year.

Benefits of Bug Barrier Protection

The Perm-O-Green Bug Barrier system is one of the most unique and effective prevention programs available today. Our Bug Barrier is specifically formulated to protect homes throughout the state of Texas, targeting the types of pests that are the most common in the areas we live. Likewise, each of our trained technicians that apply and maintain your bug barrier know the intricate details of working in pest control here in Texas, and that means you can expect truly localized knowledge and friendly service from a company that values our place in the community.

We also offer a number of other great upkeep, prevention, and control programs designed to help your landscape look its best and remain pest and disease-free. Our winter weed control programs protect your lawn during its dormant season, and our fall maintenance sets you up for a successful spring and a more beautiful property all year long!

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