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Sometimes the most frustrating pests that invade your home are not the biggest, ugliest, or most intimidating. In fact, sometimes the most obnoxious and even potentially dangerous pest on your property is one that can be difficult to see with the naked eye. Such is the case with fleas and ticks. Fleas are extremely small insects that are known for two things: their uncanny ability to jump, and their painful bites that can make anybody itchy. Ticks are known disease carriers that feast on blood and love to latch onto a host by burying their head into their skin. Whether you have a problem with one of these pests or you’re sick of dealing with both, Perm-O-Green is the name to call for reliable pest control solutions.

At Perm-O-Green, our team understands that fleas and ticks can be frustrating and obnoxious. We offer fast service, high-quality solutions that last, and peace of mind that comes from ongoing protection. Our team knows how to target fleas and ticks where they live, and we offer control methods that eliminate them from your property so they can’t find their way into impacting your health. Customers have come to trust us as the name they can call for lawn and yard care since 1976, and that includes making sure that the pests that may live there are properly controlled, eliminated, and repelled so you can continue to live in peace. We even guarantee our results and stand by our work, and we’ll retreat your property for free if you’re not happy with our service.

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Protect Your Home from Fleas

Fleas are extremely small insects, often no more than a tiny fraction of an inch in size. In fact, unless you are directly looking for them, there’s a strong chance you will probably never actually find one somewhere in your home. Fleas are blood-feeders, meaning they bite their prey and drain their blood for nutrients. However, they are particularly difficult to handle because of their uncanny ability to leap. In fact, if a flea were the size of a six-foot human, they would have the ability to leap over a 40-story skyscraper, and as far as over two entire football fields in a single bound. This makes them incredibly hard to catch and eliminate, as they can move away from threats remarkably fast.

Fleas are a particular nuisance to our furry, four-legged friends. Dogs and cats make ideal flea hosts, as fleas can easily build a nest in their thick fur. Plus with skin all around, fleas can easily bite and have a meal when they get hungry. This is painful and itchy for pets, who will scratch almost non-stop if they are infested with fleas.

Ongoing Tick Defense

Ticks are a lot like fleas, in that they also feed on blood and they are known for living in the fur of our pets. However, they are not the prolific jumpers that fleas are. Instead, ticks usually find a way into their furry hosts when dogs or cats brush by a shrub, bush, or tree that ticks are living in. When a tick bites its prey, it buries its entire head into the host, drinking its blood continuously. Removing a tick can be difficult, and it needs to be done properly to avoid having the head separate and become infected in the host’s skin.

Tick protection includes regular treatment of areas where ticks might live, such as in overgrown brush, bushes, shrubs, or other areas that might provide shelter and cover for ticks in the wild. With repeated treatments of these areas, the team at Perm-O-Green can keep ticks at bay and keep you and your pets protected from the many various diseases that ticks can carry. And that’s important, as Ticks are known carriers of ailments like Lyme disease (which can be fatal).

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