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Keep These Dangerous Colonies Off Your Property

If you have ever seen a flood of red-bodied crawlers invading your property, you probably know full well to take action immediately. Fire ants are nothing to ignore—they have an immensely painful bite, are notoriously aggressive, and have a tendency to pop up almost everywhere. In fact, they are not at all uncommon here in North Texas, and they are renowned for invading homes and businesses in search of food and water sources. If you have found fire ants on your property that you need to eliminate, or you simply want to improve and increase protection from these pesky invaders, call the team at Perm-O-Green and schedule a fire ant control treatment service today.

At Perm-O-Green, we understand how devastating fire ants can be, and we want to be the name you can trust to take swift, decisive action. Our Fort Worth fire ant control pros use the latest tools, materials, and techniques to quickly address your problem and eliminate your fire ant threat for good. We make it our priority to protect your home as well as your loved ones, your pets, and your valued property such as your garden. Plus, with our ongoing treatment and protection options such as our Bug Barrier, we can offer a reoccurring solution that consistently keeps fire ants away.

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The Low-Down on Fire Ants

Fire ants come from the genus Solenopsis, which means they are a type of stinging ant. And it’s this sting that perhaps they are best known for. Fire ants have an uncanny ability to inflict searing pain with a venomous sting. To make matters even worse, they are also one of the larger types of ants out there, and can range in size from 1/8th to up to 3/8ths of an inch in length. They are easy to identify from their “fire” red bodies with a distinct, dark abdominal section.

The most common type of fire ant found throughout North Texas is known as the Red Imported Fire Ant, which gets its name from the fact that it was accidentally introduced to the world, including the United States, and is in fact native to South America. It is widely found throughout the southern U.S., including on both the east and west coasts, and colonies can feature hundreds or even thousands of different ants all supporting a single queen.

Fire ants are known for being omnivores, and will eat just about anything they can find. However, they are not typically active predators but rather scavengers. They are known for eating dead mammals, birds, and bugs, but they prefer liquid food like the sweet substances that can be sucked out of plants. In fact, this is what makes fire ants one of the most ruthless pests that can be found on your property—they have been known to quickly overrun and destroy gardens, particularly gardens with sweet fruits like apples, grapes, honeydew, and more. Protecting a garden from fire ants is exceedingly difficult, as covers and physical protections are rarely fine enough to keep these pests out.

Our Fire Ant Control Methods

The most effective method of removing a fire ant colony is a two-step process. The first step is to bait the colony using a food source laced with an insecticide. Once we locate a colony entrance, we bait the colony with a specially-formulated bait that the workers then collect and bring into the colony. The workers take the laced bait into the queen, eventually killing her off along with hundreds of additional ants. After the queen dies, the colony’s method of reproduction disappears, resulting in the colony slowly dying off. Keep in mind that initial baiting can take weeks to achieve significant results. The bait products are generally considered safe to use around animals and humans, as the baits themselves contain extremely low amounts of toxins.

The second step is to apply individual mound treatments to target each of the colonies directly. This involves spraying mounds with specially-formulated chemicals that directly attack surface ants and eliminate the mound within as little as a few hours. However, while they do eliminate surface ants, these methods often do not eliminate ants below the surface, which is why it is important to follow both parts of the two-step method. Likewise, even when both steps are followed, it is recommended that you treat your property for fire ants every few months to keep any new colonies away.

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