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The Best Landscaping for Texas

Are you tired of planting fresh landscaping every few years only to have it die on you in the first few months? The key to thriving landscaping is making sure that you're planting flowers, shrubs, and trees that are native to the area or that will thrive in your area's conditions. Knowing what to plant is just as important, if not more important, than how you maintain it. For the best flowers, shrubs, and trees to plant in Texas, keep reading.


'Lord Baltimore' Hibiscus

Do you want a more tropical touch to your landscaping design? Opt for the 'Lord Baltimore' hibiscus. It has beautiful 10-foot-wide, bright scarlet flowers, and their bloom lasts from July until frost. Since it's a perennial, it will provide years of life and color to your landscaping.

This flower loves moist soil so if you have a pond or body of water nearby, consider planting them near there.

'Belinda's Dream' Rose

'Belinda's Dream,' otherwise referred to as a Texas Superstar, is a fantastic option because of its beauty and its low-maintenance reputation. You'll typically get about 100 blooms on this bush, and the blue-green foliage is just as pretty as the blossom!

Trees and Shrubs

Deciduous Holly

The deciduous holly is a native tree to Texas, making it easy to grow. It prefers moist soil in the sun. While the white flowers that blossom are small, the bright orange and red berries are breathtaking. If you want to see wildlife roaming through your yard, this tree is a great choice, as animals love snacking on the berries.

Chinkapin Oak

Another native plant, the chinkapin oak, grows to about 30-50 feet tall in Texas. The foliage is green throughout spring and summer and drops to a yellow/orange/brown color in the fall and winter. It is tolerant of heat and is relatively drought resistant once its roots are established.

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