Which Pests Are Actually Good for Your Yard?

When we think of pests, most people only think of the negative things that they bring. The disease, the destruction, the damage. But did you know that not all pests are harmful and unwanted in your yard? In fact, some pests are actually good for your garden and ecosystem. These garden helpers promote biodiversity and balance and add value to your yard. This blog post will discuss the good pests that can thrive in your yard and why you should keep them around.


Ladybugs or lady beetles are considered one of the most popular beneficial insects in the garden. They are excellent predators of aphids and other garden pests, making them great allies in controlling pests in the garden. Not just that, but they are also pollinators and can help a lot in boosting plant growth. Also, their bright, reddish-orange color makes them quite a sight to see in your garden.


Bees come in different sizes and shapes, and they all carry the very important task of pollinating flowers. Without these garden helpers, your garden would be a yellow-green landscape. Not just that, but bees also provide us with honey used as a sweetener or medicinally. In order to entice these helpers to your yard, plant a variety of flowers that attract them, and choose flowering plants that will bloom in different seasons so that they will always have a reason to come back.

Praying Mantids

Praying mantis, or mantids, are carnivorous and highly feared by pests such as spiders, beetles, and grasshoppers. You will hardly find them in regular stores, but you can order nymphs online. These fascinating insects can see in 3D and turn their head for 180 degrees. Not just that, they are ambush predators that are known to take down preys that are way bigger than them.

Damsel bugs

Damsel bugs are small insects that resemble tiny green assassin bugs. They are predators of caterpillars, aphids, and other small insects. Not just that, they also feed on harmful insect eggs that are often buried in the soil. These bugs can be used as biological control agents to prevent the outbreak of unwanted pests in crops and gardens.


Spiders are generally harmless, and some species of spiders are known to help in reducing the population of other pests. Spiders are predators that hunt for their prey and catch them in their silky webs. They are a sign of a healthy garden ecosystem and are often found in leaf litter and among plants. So, don't be tempted to spray spiderwebs with pesticides when you see them around your yard.

Yes, pests can be a problem for every homeowner, but not all pests are harmful to your garden. Good garden pests provide control over the unwanted pests and promote balance in your garden ecosystem. Attracting these pests by providing them with diverse habitats and food sources will help maintain your yard's natural rhythm and sustainably healthy. Encourage these beneficial bugs into your yard, and watch them do their thing – working away, adding value to your garden every single day.

It can be tempting to want to rid your yard of every bug you come across. But this would be a mistake. Some pesky creatures are responsible for keeping more harmful critters out and keeping your vegetation thriving. To learn more about pest control, landscaping, and what you should eliminate from your yard, visit our website.