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Grub Control in Texas

Grub Control & Treatment Services in Texas

Every lawn has grubs, but they don't cause damage to turf until they begin feeding in the late summer or early fall. Grubs are the larvae of beetles, including Japanese beetles, chafers, and June beetles, among others. When grubs begin feeding, they feast on the root systems of grass and plants.

Grubs can cause extensive damage to residential and commercial properties. Without preventative treatment, home and business owners run the risk of having to pay to control infestations, or having to replace damaged turf altogether. If you are looking for grub control services in Texas, you can trust us to deliver nothing but the best. Our grub control professionals have years of experience and use only the best equipment to ensure complete grub control as well as prevention. At Perm-O-Green, we provide effective grub control and prevention services to ensure your lawn and garden stay green and beautiful!

Grub Control Texas

How Do You Know If You Have a Grub Problem?

To find out if you have a grub problem, take a look underneath a square foot of turf or scrape off the top layer of soil in your garden bed. If you see more than a few grubs, it's probably time to take action. You can also call our team of Texas outdoor pest control experts at Perm-O-Green for a FREE quote!

If you still aren't sure if your lawn is in need of grub control, read our below tips!

Look for Lawn Grub Damage:

  • If your grass is damaged at the roots it will begin to yellow, thin and die.
  • If you noticed irregular patches of brown grass that randomly appear, this could also be a sign of grubs.
  • Another sign is that your grass will also feel somewhat spongy and pull up very easily.
  • A presence of white grubs will also bring in more raccoons, moles and even birds that dig at your lawn. If you notice this, it could be due to your lawn have grubs.

Inspect Soil for White Grubs:

  • Survey the area you suspect that may have grubs. The grubs will be much more active during the August and September months and be closer to the top soil.
  • Use a spade and cut square foot sections that around 2-4 inches deep in different areas.
  • Generally if you notice less than 5 grubs per sample, this is a perfectly fine amount and doesn't warrant any reason for pest control.

Our experts can design a tailored, specialized plan to meet your individual needs. Your lawn is unique and you need expertise in Texas lawn care in order to effectively handle the problem.

Our Grub-Proofing Service

Because female beetles lay their eggs in the spring, a grub preventive material is applied in June. This ensures immature grubs are killed long before the feeding season begins. It is much easier to control grubs in lawns when they are small and before they become a serious problem.

Grub prevention will also eliminate grubs as a potential food source for moles, skunks, raccoons, armadillos, and other animals that may dig into your lawn or garden looking for food. However, these animals may still be attracted by other sources of food.

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At Perm-O-Green, our products are safe for people and pets, and our services are guaranteed to produce exceptional results! If you have questions about grub prevention, pest control, or any other lawn care services, contact us today!

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