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Fort Worth Lawn Care Services

Providing Tree Care, Fertilization & Weed Control Since 1976

Perm-O-Green has over 40 years of experience in lawn care; we're the experts you can trust. When choosing lawn care services, the choice is simple. Would you rather have a national brand that may not specialize in Texas turf, a mom-and-pop company that may not be around next year, or long-tenured experts in Fort Worth lawn care services? With our help, you can maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn during any season! This is because our lawn care service provides a year-round solution that prevents weeds, pests, and bugs from harming your lawn. These are the biggest culprits behind dead or dry lawns. Once these have been taken care of, we can then concentrate our efforts on making your lawn green, healthy, and beautiful once again.

Lawn Care in Fort Worth, TX

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Maintain a Healthy Lawn Year-Round with 7 Simple Steps

Every five to eight weeks, we will come to your Fort Worth property to apply a full treatment of services. These will include pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control and fertilization. Each treatment will be based on the current condition of your lawn, how it is responding to treatments, and seasonal conditions. Since every lawn will need a certain amount of attention in the summer, this treatment will differ once we head into fall and spring.

This is why we provide a comprehensive 7-step program.

  • Step 1: Apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control in early spring
  • Step 2: Introduce controlled release fertilizer to promote growth during spring
  • Step 3: Apply a follow-up application of pre-emergent weed control in early summer
  • Step 4: Apply a balanced fertilizer and weed control in preparation for summer
  • Step 5: Continue feeding your lawn to promote thickening and full color
  • Step 6: Provide tough weed control and treat any current weeds in the fall
  • Step 7: Supply extra plant nutrients to keep your lawn healthy during the winter

Fort Worth Tree Care & Shrub Care Services

If you are looking for tree care in Fort Worth, look no further than Perm-O-Green. We have been serving the area since 1976 and have become a trusted name in the community for our dedication to customer service and our ability to achieve results.

Regular tree care is important because it can help prevent:

  • Insect infestation
  • Common tree diseases / spread of tree disease
  • Irregular branch growth
All of our applications are safe for your family and for your pets. Your safety is always at the forefront of any of our services, so we make sure that all products used are non-toxic and will not harm your pets.

Reliable Weed Control in Fort Worth

In addition to our comprehensive, year-round lawn care services, our professionals also offer tree and shrub care. With our Fort Worth weed control team, we offer local community members the chance to take back control of their property and keep away insects and other nuisances. This is an important component when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn all-year-round. Certain grassy weeds can be especially difficult to treat, both during the winter and summer months. Weeds that grow in the summer include such as nut-grass, crabgrass or dallisgrass, and weeds that grow in the winter include broadleaf weeds like clover, thistle and henbit. Each of these different types of weeds will require different types of treatments. Our team of Forth Worth lawn care experts use high quality equipment and techniques that help to ensure that your lawn is taken care of in the most effective way possible. If you are looking for weed control services in Forth Worth, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Effectively Removing Pests from Lawns

Lawn pests can be extremely problematic for you and your family. Our team of Fort Worth lawn care experts make sure to care of lawn pests, such as ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, bees, among many others. We are not just looking to eliminate the number of pests on your lawn, our goal is to find the source of the problem, and make sure that your lawn is pest-free for months to come. Call to learn more about how we can make your lawn a better, more comfortable, and safer place for you and your family.

Full-Service Lawn Care in Fort Worth - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since 1976, we have been offering professional, full-service lawn care in using only non-hazardous products that are safe for use around children and pets. For all of your weed control, lawn treatment, and tree care needs, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. Let us show you why we are considered a premier lawn care company in Texas.

Call today or contact us online for your next tree or lawn care service in Fort Worth. We also provide fertilization & weed control services!

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