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Help Your Trees Survive the Drought

The warm climate of Texas makes the area susceptible to droughts. Extremely high temperatures can cause water to evaporate from soil, making plants and trees require more water to survive, putting a strain on the water supply. Aside from being valuable natural resources, trees and water provide our homes and our lives with many physical and aesthetic benefits. Perm-O-Green offers some helpful tips to take care of your trees during times of drought.

Tips to Keep Your Trees Safe From the Drought

  • Water (for those fortunate enough that can) younger trees roughly 2 times a week and older ones just 1 time a week.
  • Add mulch around the base of the trees to keep soil from getting too hot and dry,
  • The optimal time for watering is when it is still dark - such as before sunrise and after sunset.
  • Choose plant native or drought-resistant tree species, as they require less water to adapt and thrive.

Types of Trees to Prone to Negative Effects from Droughts

  • Young Trees – In order to grow deep root systems, young trees will need easy access to water, as their roots are less established.
  • Mature Trees – When near heat traps like driveways or foundations, mature trees require more water.
  • Exposed Trees – Water loss is greater where trees are exposed to hot afternoon sun and constant wind (sounds like Texas!).
  • Deciduous Trees – The critical time for water is during late winter/early spring when new buds are forming.

Perm-O-Green also offers tree and shrub care as a partner to our quality lawn care service program. Our tree and shrub programs are designed to control damaging insect and disease pest while providing the nutritional requirements for your trees and shrubs.

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