Six Types of Drought-Resistant, Low-Maintenance Grasses

At Perm-O-Green there is a common misconception among many homeowners about their lawns is that grass requires constant watering, especially as the spring and summer months start coming around. However, as the popular adage goes: “everything in moderation” and that most assuredly applies to your grass.

What Type of Grass is Right for my Lawn?

Many lawns across the country have Kentucky bluegrass, and is also one of the most commonly known. Considered a cool season grass, it typically will not fare well in hotter, drier weather, since this type of grass will require more water to sustain itself.

Our state is so susceptible to drought during the summer months that it is a wonder that many lawns survive. Without the care of an expert company caring for your lawn, you may see your lawn shrivel and lose its health and vitality. We, at Perm-O-Green, offer some suggestions to help you choose a heartier, more drought-resistant lawn. These types of lawns will require less frequent watering, which can help reduce your water bill, and maintain its health all summer long.

1. Bermudagrass

Well-known for its drought resistance, its ability to grow from many different types of soil, Bermuda grass has been a popular choice for usage in outdoor sports fields, such as baseball, football, and even golf courses. Can have a tendency to grow a number of unsightly weeds, and will require frequent mowing.

2. Zoysia grass

This does well either in the shade or with full sun, and fares particularly well in the southern region. It is also holds up well under heavy foot traffic. The downside is that Zoysiagrass will go dormant in the winter and stay brown until as far as March.

3. Fescuegrass

Fescuegrass is actually a cold weather grass, but is also highly drought-resistant. It adapts to many types of weather conditions quite superbly, and thus, will stay green throughout the year. It is not well-known to perform well in the southern regions, but has been proven thrive where other species cannot.

4. Buffalograss

This grass loves sun and lots of it, and is very drought-tolerant. Perfect for a Texas summer! Unfortunately, it does not fare too well with traffic, so this may be something to consider if you want to have the type of lawn where your children, pets, and friends can roam freely.

5. St. Augustine grass

Think of St. Augustine grass as the darling of the bunch. It is gorgeous and absolutely gorgeous. It loves the sun and the warmth, but doesn’t mind being in the shade every so often. It can grow quickly, is drought-resistant, and does not need too much watering in the spring. In the summer months, this grass may need more frequent watering during the long, dry periods. It can also be somewhat susceptible to pests, insects, and disease.

6. Bahiagrass

Bahia is very thick, but can cover a wide expanse of area, and requires less maintenance than St. Augustine. This grass loves the sun and the warm weather and is highly drought-resistant. Bahiagrass has even been found thriving in areas with little to no irrigation! This is a quintessential southern climate grass.

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With so many options available to you, it can be difficult to weigh the pros and cons on your own, especially if lawn care is not your forte. This is why you should talk to a professional about your desires and what you would like to achieve for your lawn.

There is no scenario too small or large for us to handle. If you want the type of lawn that will best suit your family’s day-to-day needs, we can help you choose that. If you want your lawn to look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine, we are on the same page as you!

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