Perm-O-Green Can Eliminate Fleas and Ticks from Your Lawn

As the days heat up, so does the breeding of fleas and ticks. While they breed all year long, the warmer weather causes a major population boom. It is important to protect your pets as well as yourself from these little pests. There are many products over the counter or prescribed by your veterinarian that can be used to control the pest population on your animals. There's also a vaccine for dogs to protect them from Lyme's disease. However, treating your animal is not the only way to eliminate these pests. Their environment needs to be treated as well.

Fleas and ticks cause trouble in a few different ways:

  • Feed off the blood of animals
  • Produce eggs within the coat of the animals
  • Their bites may cause allergies and irritations
  • Transmit diseases

So, how can Perm-O-Green help you? We will treat your entire lawn – killing any fleas and ticks present, then 10-14 days later; we will come back and kill the newly hatched fleas and ticks. Generally the 2-step process is all that is required to get rid of the fleas and ticks. However, if within 30 days after the 2nd application you still have a problem, call the office and we will retreat them again for no additional cost! Each home can be effected differently depending on the location of the property and the amount of fleas and ticks that are present. If the pest issue continues, we will treat the area again!

There are other ways that can help prevent, and can even get rid of, these pesky little insects:

  • Clear gardens after the season
  • Apply bug barriers
  • Get rid of leaves and tall grass around the home, walls, and gardens

Contact Perm-O-Green today to learn more about our services and how we can help you!