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Post-Emergents: Don't Let Weeds Ruin Your Lawn

As most homeowners already know, weeds can ruin the appearance and growth of a healthy, beautiful lawn. While taking preventative measures can help protect lawns from these pesky plants, many begin to show after the weeds have already established their presence. As a result, homeowners should take advantage of post-emergence herbicide treatments in order to prevent the weeds from ruining a beautiful lawn.

Understanding How Post-Emergent Herbicide Treatments Work

Post-emergent products attack the weeds that have already risen above the surface of a lawn. These products can control the growth of the existing weeds. Because there are different types of weeds, it is important to understand that there are different types of post-emergent weed control, which include:

· Systemics:

In most cases, these formulas are used on perennial weeds since they are absorbed directly into the plants and move through the plants in order to control the weeds.

· Contact Herbicides:

These types of formulas are used to control the parts of the plant that are exposed. Most often, these are used on smaller weeds and annuals since these types of weeds can be removed by the death of foliage alone.

· Selective Herbicides:

These types of herbicides are designed to target specific weeds in your lawn

· Non-Selective Herbicides:

These formulas are used for broader weed control for unmaintained areas.

How Perm-O-Green Can Help

To obtain the best results, post-emergent treatment formulas must be activated and applied in specific ways. As a result, it is best practice for homeowners who detect weeds to seek help from our lawn care team at Perm-O-Green. When you contact our team for help, we can:

  • Monitor the rate of application
  • Monitor residual action
  • Prevent contamination
  • Prevent leaching in different soils

At Perm-O-Green, our Texas lawn care specialists work diligently to deliver our customers the best products and services in the shortest amount of time possible.

To speak with a member of our team, call Perm-O-Green today at (800) 903-1460! Quality is in our roots!