How Lawn Aeration Can Give You the Yard You Have Always Wanted

With spring coming to an end, it is the best time for our customers to take advantage of our lawn aeration services. When individuals choose to aerate their lawns, they can expect to see luscious, thick, full, and healthy grass in no time. In addition, aeration offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced thatch build-up
  • Promotion of root expansion and growth
  • Drought resistance since water is more able to reach the roots
  • Elimination of patchy or bald areas

What is Lawn Aeration?

When an individual chooses to have their lawn aerated, our team will begin the process by poking holes into the soil. These holes range anywhere from one to four inches in depth. From there, we remove the cores of the soil from the ground. This process enables the compacted soil to become looser, thus allowing more air, nutrients, and water into the root system. When these substances are absorbed, the growth process is stimulated, causing the grass to grow fuller and more evenly.

How to Care for a Lawn After the Aeration Process

After the aeration process, an individual can resume their normal mowing and watering routines. The plugs of soil, which we have removed, will dissolve within time. This will create natural mulch in the lawn, which can help enhance the lawns visual appearance, improve the health of the soil, and reduce the growth of weeds.

Interested in Lawn Aeration? Call Perm-O-Green Today!

If you are tired of a dull or patchy lawn, it is time to get in touch with our Texas lawn specialists right away! We can help you achieve the front yard and backyard you have always wanted. What better way to end the spring season and start summer than with a lawn you are proud of? When you contact our team, we will take the time to understand your desires and provide you with a list of solutions to help get you positive results in as little time possible!

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