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What Should I Know About Grubs?
What Should I Know About Grubs?

What Should I Know About Grub Worms? Before the start of another hot and humid summer in Texas, you may notice some grub worms — the larval stage of the adult June beetle (“June Bug”). While it may be common to have them on your lawn, if too many of these grub worms begin to ...

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  • Post-Emergents: Don't Let Weeds Ruin Your Lawn

    As most homeowners already know, weeds can ruin the appearance and growth of a healthy, beautiful lawn . While taking preventative measures can help ...

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  • The Heat Is On! Summer Lawn Care Tips to Help Keep Your Lawn Healthy

    As many already know, Texas is known for its extreme heat during the summer months. The summer sun beats down and the grass just can’t get enough ...

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  • How Lawn Aeration Can Give You the Yard You Have Always Wanted

    With spring coming to an end, it is the best time for our customers to take advantage of our lawn aeration services . When individuals choose to ...

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  • Heavy Rains in Wichita Falls Are Causing Weeds and Grass to Grow Quickly

    Recently, heavy rainfalls have occurred in Wichita Falls. While the area may look beautiful and luscious, the rain is causing grass, weeds, and fungus ...

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  • Spring is Here, and So Are the Weeds!

    Sunday, March 20 th is the first day of Spring. While most people are looking forward to the balmy weather, no one is looking forward to resuming ...

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  • Get the Help You Need!: Trees and Plants are Growing Fast This Season

    Recently, in an article published by KAUZ News, the branch manager of Perm-O-Green, Gene Moore, stated that although it is still winter, many trees ...

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  • Are Fall Leaves Killing Your Grass?

    At Perm-O-Green , we know that Autumn isn’t called “fall” for no reason. As many people already know, this season’s nickname comes from the course ...

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  • Tips for Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Fall

    Sometimes, it can be hard to transition your lawn care habits from a summer to fall routine. Because the cooler temperatures and moister air make your ...

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  • How to Get Rid of and Prevent Summer Annual Weeds

    At Perm-O-Green , we know that when trying to grow a productive garden or a beautiful lawn , weeds can become your worst enemy. As a result, many lawn ...

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