Perm-O-Green Offers a Fall Special on Weed Control Program!

Our expert lawn care team at Perm-O-Green would like to offer all NEW and RE-INSTATED customers a FALL SPECIAL! When you choose to sign up for our full program, you will receive 50% off the last application of the year!

We encourage customers to take advantage of this special offer now rather than waiting for the spring season to come around. Why?

Although many people wait to tackle weeds in the spring, it is best for property owners to begin treatment in the fall season and stay ahead of the weeds! We will apply a pre-emergent to your lawn this fall, this application is one of the two most beneficial treatments for your lawn. This top of the line, high dollar chemical with proven results will prevent weeds from destroying your lawn in the spring.

When others are mowing their green weeds down, you will be sipping coffee on your front porch watching your healthy, clean grass come out of dormancy, the right way!

Special Offer Details

We are currently on our second to last treatment of the year, this is the pre-emergent application, where our technicians will come out and apply a liquid barrier to your lawn to prevent those weed seeds from germinating and sprouting in the spring. In order to qualify for the 50% off the last application of the year, you must be a new or reinstating customer and you must take the pre-emergent application.

The last treatment of the year is a winterizer. This application will help prepare your lawn for the winter by toughening up your lawn’s root system. When your lawn is coming out of dormancy it will be green much sooner than most other lawns that did not receive a winterizer treatment.

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For best results, our team at Perm-O-Green recommends taking advantage of the full lawn care program. In doing so, property owners will not have to worry about pesky weeds destroying their lawns and can expect a healthy, green, lawn all year-round.

Get in touch with our Texas lawn care specialists at Perm-O-Green today! We have been proudly serving Texas for 40 years and are committed to quality service for residential and commercial customers.