Dandelions on a bright, green lawn

What is Post-Emergent Weed Control?

What You Should Know About Post-Emergent Weed Control

One of the most unsettling sights for any property owner is seeing weeds fully germinated on their luscious green lawn. While it may seem as if these “pests” will never go away, there is a solution to help banish them and lessen the chance of regrowth — cue post-emergent weed control services.

What is Post-Emergent Weed Control?

Simply put, post-emergent weed control is used for weeds that have already fully germinated. When weed control materials are applied, they are absorbed by the “pest.” Shortly after, the post-emergent herbicide treatment (the specific weed control used will depend on the weed your lawn care expert is treating) is then translocated throughout the entire weed, ultimately ending its “vacation” on your turf.

What Can Post-Emergent Weed Control Do For My Lawn?

In addition to eradicating fully-germinated weeds on your lawn, post-emergent herbicide treatments can also lessen the chance of these green “pests” coming back to your property the following year. However, since weed control is not a “one size fits all” approach, nor is it a “one and done” solution, you’ll need a licensed, professional lawn care team that can help throughout the year.

Through an ongoing program for weed control, your lawn care expert will keep close tabs on your turf, what post-emergent (and pre-emergent) weeds populate at your property, and will apply some weed control material to help banish growth, as well as eliminate fully-germinated weeds.

What are Common Post-Emergent Weeds?

Here in Texas, some of the most common post-emergent weeds you may encounter on your turf include (but are not limited to):

  • Poa Annua: Commonly referred to as “bluegrass”, Poa Annua is bulky and predominantly emerges in the late summer.

  • Nutsedge: Also known as nutgrass, nutsedge typically sprouts in groups of three and is considered a perennial weed.

  • Dandelions: With an average growth rate between 6 to 12 inches, this vibrant yellow “flower” is anything but beautiful. Additionally, it can be found across many lawns in Texas and those throughout the country.

Post-Emergent Weed Control Services in Texas

Since 1976, Perm-O-Green has provided clients across Texas with high-quality, client-centered lawn care and yard maintenance services — including post-emergent weed control. To request a free estimate or to schedule your weed control service, give our friendly team a call at (800) 903-1460 or schedule an appointment online!