Frosty grass

Will Frost Kill My Lawn?

We are in the midst of the winter season, which means cooler temperatures, chilly breezes, and frost on your perfectly manicured lawn. While looking out your window to see the perfectly crystalized blades of grass is a beautiful sight, it might also be cause for concern. You might be wondering if frost on your lawn will damage it and what you can do to prevent frost from forming. We’re here to answer these questions for you today!

How Will Frost Affect My Lawn?

First and foremost, will the frost damage your lawn? Unfortunately, it will; however, it’s less common because of our Texas region. What we’re most used to is what’s considered a “light freeze,” which means the blades of grass freeze, but the root system is still able to circulate water and nutrients. In the event of a “light freeze,” your lawn will have an easier time recovering.

In a “hard freeze,” the blades and the root system freeze, making it nearly impossible for water and nutrients to circulate. This leads to more permanent lawn damage.

How to Prevent Frost

While you can’t do anything to change the temperature and weather outside, there are some steps you can take to protect your lawn. Here are our top steps:

  • Water your lawn. While it might seem counterintuitive, water in the soil will help it retain heat and prevent freezing.
  • Cover any seedling you might have. While the cold temperatures likely won’t kill the seedling, they can cause the seeds to go dormant.
  • Avoid walking on frozen grass. Wait until the lawn has thawed before walking you or your dog across the lawn.

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