Tips for Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Fall

Sometimes, it can be hard to transition your lawn care habits from a summer to fall routine. Because the cooler temperatures and moister air make your lawn’s living conditions ideal, grass is more able to absorb energy, moisture, and nutrients that can help the lawn grow for the following spring.

To have a luscious and healthy lawn for the spring, consider the tips we have listed below.

1. Mow as Normal

You should water and cut your grass as you see necessary throughout the fall. As the season comes to an end, gradually lower the blade of your lawn mower at least two times. Keep in mind that you should not cut a significant amount of your grass off in one trim. By mowing the lawn down in a gradual manner, the sunlight is able to reach the crown of the grass.

2. Aerate the Soil

When you aerate your lawn, oxygen, water, and fertilizer are more able to reach the roots. This will boost the lawn’s growth process significantly. Often, you can rent a gas-powered aerator that will create holes in the soil by removing lumps of dirt.

3. Rake and Remove the Leaves

It is important to remove the leaves from your lawn as they begin to fall. Many people make the mistake of letting the leaves accumulate into large masses before raking. Unfortunately, this can suffocate the grass if the leaves cover large parts of the grass. Remove the leaves immediately to ensure your grass is taking in the appropriate nutrients and water.

4. Fill In Bare Spots

Use the fall weather to your advantage and fill in any bare spots you may see in your grass. The best way to fill these spots, quickly, is to apply a lawn repair mixture that contains grass seeds, organic mulch, and a special quick-starter lawn fertilizer. Water the area every other day for about two weeks. This will allow for your grass to grow evenly.

5. Fertilize the Area

The fall season is the perfect time to fertilize your yard. As the weather turns cool, the grass roots and rhizomes grow quickly. When you apply fertilizer to the grass during the fall, the roots will grow deeper down into the soil and reserve the nutrients for the springtime.

6. Remove Any Weeds

Weeds absorb the energy from your lawn and in turn, suffocate the grass. However, the fall is a great time to manage weeds since they are trying to absorb any moisture they can receive. During this time, apply herbicides. This will prevent weeds from growing in your lawn during the spring.

Perm-O-Green Can Help

Our team understands how rewarding it can be to have a beautiful lawn year round. With decades of experience, we are committed to delivering fellow Texans with the best results for your lawn during any season. If you have any questions regarding lawn care before the fall, contact Perm-O-Green right away.

The grass can be greener on your side of the fence, and we will make sure that happens!