How to Get Rid of and Prevent Summer Annual Weeds

At Perm-O-Green, we know that when trying to grow a productive garden or a beautiful lawn, weeds can become your worst enemy. As a result, many lawn owners and garden connoisseurs wonder where in the world the weeds come from, what they do to surrounding grass and plants, how to prevent them from growing, and lastly, how to get rid of them once they have already started growing in your grass or garden. For this reason, we have compiled answers to some of the most common questions. Let’s begin!

1. What is a summer annual weed?

  • To begin, a weed is any wild plants that grows where it is not wanted. In addition, a weed will often compete with the surrounding cultivation plants or grass.
  • Of course, a summer weed is one that begins growing during the warmer summer months.
  • The term summer annual weed describes plants that germinate from seeds and grow to maturity. Additionally, this type of weed typically dies during a time span of 6 to 12 months. On average, summer annual weeds germinate at the end of spring or the beginning of summer and die during or after the first frost. Majority of the time, these summer annual weeds reappear the following year.

2. How do they these weeds affect surrounding grass and plants?

  • Weeds can decrease the attractiveness of your garden and lawn. This is unfortunate for those persons who spend a great amount of time tending to their greenery.
  • Weeds grow quickly. With this being said, weeds can outgrow surrounding plants and grass, absorbing the other plants’ and grasses’ moisture, sunlight, and nutrients.
  • Unfortunately, pets and other animals can be harmed if they eat these weeds.

3. How can I prevent summer annual weeds from growing?

  • To stop weeds before they begin growing, you can apply pre-emergent materials that may be able to prevent weeds such as crabgrass and other grassy weeds.
  • If you decide to apply pre-emergent materials, it is important to keep in mind that you will have to use several applications within a certain duration of time in order to prevent a larger variety of weeds.

4. How can I get rid of weeds I already have?

  • There are different things you can do to rid your garden or grass of summer annual weeds such as applying a post-emergent weed material.
  • After several post-emergent application, weeds will most likely absorb the materials. The materials will more than likely spread through the weed and kill the unwanted green.

How Would I Know if My Garden and Grass Are Suffering from Summer Annual Weeds?

If your garden or grass area are beginning to looks sparse, or if you notice odd grassy or broadleaf weeds, contact the Texas lawn care team at Perm-O-Green. We may be able to determine what type of weed your grass and garden are suffering from and eliminate the problem.

Call Perm-O-Green today to request a free estimate to make your garden and grass as beautiful as ever!