Recent Rainy Weather Brings Fire Ants to North Texas

Texas has been pummeled with rain over the last few weeks, bringing troops of fire ants closer to the surface and closer to homes. The excessive amount of flooding and higher water levels have unearthed fire ants from their homes. Usually secluded under the soil, they thrive near riverbeds, lakes, ponds, and other wet areas. Fire ants are known for their painful bites and venomous stings, which can even be lethal for some.

Texas Homeowners Face Increased Danger of Ant Invasions

Fire ant colonies that were displaced after the floods have begun to build new homes in more dry, open areas. Fire ant mounds have also been found near people’s backyards, patios, gardens and have even been found in some people’s homes. One man discovered a serious fire ant colony near Fort Worth by Eagle Mountain Lake.

Fire ants pose numerous problems for your home and family, including:

  • Stings that are itchy and painful, causing burning at times
  • Risk of allergic reaction to stings and possible death in extreme cases
  • Their mounds can tarnish lawns, gardens, and can damage plants
  • They can spread disease if you are growing fruits or vegetables

While this ant invasion may be unsettling, there is no need to stress! Even as weather continues to push out fire ants and create more pest problems, we have you covered. Perm-O-Green offers pest control services through North Texas and the surrounding areas to help keep the bugs out, especially those dangerous fire ants. Our fire ant program is highly renowned, so do not hesitate to get some back up on your property.

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