Texas Rain

Rain Finally Brings Relief to Drought-Ridden Texas

An arid climate and a rapidly growing population has left the state in a drought crisis. Thanks to a series of thunderstorms and showers throughout the state, it brings a welcome sigh of relief to everyone. The state is now beginning to take a cue from California, a state that is similarly facing a severe drought crisis. In that state, government officials are calling for citizens to reduce their water usage by 25%, among many other conservation efforts.

One of these restrictions is that a household can only water their lawn on certain days of the week, for only a few minutes a day. Some Texas environmental legislators are drawing inspiration from California’s drought crisis to implement similar restrictions.

What does this mean for my lawn?

Heavy rain is expected this week, with Denton County has rated the drought crisis from severe to moderate, based on the current weather conditions. So far this year, we have seen approximately 14 inches of rain, bringing relief to a drought that has been ongoing since 2010. Some climatologists have claimed that the weather will continue to maintain the cooler, more rainy throughout May, thanks to El Niño.

We at Perm-O-Green are experts in Texas turf, which means we know what types of grasses will stand up to certain weather conditions. As we face drought, we may recommend to you drought-resistant grasses, or cool-weather grasses as we head into spring. We are considerate of the environmental factors while remaining true to our goal of keeping your lawn as green as can be.

No matter what the weather calls for, we can help your lawn adapt to it appropriately. If you would like one of our Texas turf experts to come to your property for a free estimate, be sure to give us a call.