Blog Posts in August, 2016

  • Have you always wanted a luscious, green lawn? Have you tried everything to keep your grass in tip-top shape but find it difficult due to the various seasons? If so, Perm-O-Green can help you. It is important to remember that every lawn is different and the maintenance for each type varies based on a number of factors, such as weather, location, and more. Our team understands what it takes to grow ...
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  • Perm-O-Green Can Eliminate Fleas and Ticks from Your Lawn

    || 8-Aug-2016

    As the days heat up, so does the breeding of fleas and ticks. While they breed all year long, the warmer weather causes a major population boom. It is important to protect your pets as well as yourself from these little pests. There are many products over the counter or prescribed by your veterinarian that can be used to control the pest population on your animals. There's also a vaccine for ...
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